About Us

How did WACK begin?

Formally known as Witham Adventure Club for Kids, W.A.C.K was founded in 2011 by Kirsty Thompson in order to provide an imaginative range of activities for children aged 8-10 in and around Cherry Willingham. With support from devoted volunteers, Caroline Thompson and Cathy Trevor, the group grew in numbers in the following 2 ½ years enabling the provision of larger and more unique activities.

Following her graduation from Bishop Grosseteste University with a degree in Primary Education and Qualified Teacher Status, Kirsty decided to combine her longstanding passion for developing children’s confidence with her unique experience during her training of working in both state schools and a school following the Steiner curriculum. As a qualified teacher, Kirsty has a clear vision of what education should be about. Rather than being predominantly centred on academic achievement, learning should be a holistic experience ensuring the progression and development of the whole child, not only academically, but emotionally, spiritually and socially too.

Influenced by her training, Kirsty transformed Witham Adventure Club for Kids into WACK during the summer of 2014.

Why would my child benefit from WACK?

At WACK we recognise that, in a competitive climate of praising targets and league tables, nurturing confident, strong-minded and socially comfortable young people is not always easy. That doesn’t simply apply to children who are struggling to complete their latest target sheet either. All children are under enormous pressure to constantly improve and succeed, with the ultimate goal regularly being measured against someone else’s view of success, not that of the child. With that in mind, it is hardly surprising that Kirsty has met a considerable number of children who feel under-valued, unintelligent and generally display a lack of self-confidence.

How does WACK work?

At WACK we endeavour to compliment the education our children receive by providing an environment where self-progression, confidence and the development of social skills are at the heart of everything we do. Our method is simple but effective. The acquisition of these skills works on a subconscious level, whereby the children take part in a wide variety of exciting and challenging experiences which are designed to encourage them to step out of their comfort zones and celebrate their individual successes. On a conscious level, the children are working on a craft project, racing go-karts or hiking with friends. On a subconscious level, they are being challenged to reassess how they see themselves; to develop a greater confidence and belief in what they can achieve.

Why is WACK unique?

WACK is no ordinary children’s activity club. Nor is it simply a youth group. At WACK we encourage children to find themselves. We nurture them to realise that they are talented individuals already and that their only mission in life is to find and utilise that talent.