Activity Sessions

WACK offers a combination of evening, daytime (during school holidays or at weekends) and residential experiences, which are based on the power of subconscious learning. Whilst consciously the children attend WACK activities with the primary aim of having fun and trying something new or exciting, on a subconscious level they are developing their self-confidence, being challenged to work in changing social environments, whilst all the while gaining and refining their practical skills.

The sessions are not designed to be a class or to draw attention to any form of learning. Instead they unleash the benefits of learning through discovery when we least expect it and in an environment free of assessment. As a result, the sessions work perfectly for a wide range of needs, abilities and interests, whether your child is raring to go with a new challenge or needs a little extra encouragement.
So, whether you are looking for activities to develop self-confidence, hoping to broaden your child’s social experiences, or simply looking for something fun for your child to take part in, WACK has all bases covered.

Who are the sessions for?

The evening sessions are aimed at children aged between 7 and 12 years, however some externally sourced activities carry their own age limitations so it is always important to check our advertised age restrictions before booking on.

The daytime and residential experiences are for children aged 8 to 12 due to OFSTED restrictions. Should you have a child who exceeds the maximum age limit but whom you feel would benefit from attending our sessions then please contact Kirsty to discuss this.

What sort of activities has WACK done?

Since WACK was founded in its former capacity as a voluntary organisation under the name Witham Adventure Club for Kids, the children have tried a whole range of activities. From interviewing, to cooking in professional kitchens, camping to high ropes courses and building go karts to laser tag (to name but a few!), WACK continuously expands and broadens its repertoire of activities on offer.

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