Private Tuition in Lincoln

With the increased pressure on children today to improve their grades, reach the next level and to keep up with a fast pace curriculum, many parents often turn to private tuition as a way of supporting their children through this time. Not only reserved for children who feel as if they are struggling, tuition can also be beneficial for children who are striving to excel beyond the limits of predicted grades and levels.

Who is it for?

WACK offers private 1:1 tuition for primary school aged children in all subjects and up to and including GCSE level in mathematics. The sessions are all provided by Kirsty Thompson who is a qualified teacher with a particular passion for addressing the frequent negative perceptions of mathematics by devoting much work to increasing children’s confidence and fluency in this subject.

Where does it take place?

All sessions take place in the child’s home or at the address of a parent or relative to ensure that the child is comfortable in their surroundings.

How long do the sessions last?

Each session lasts a minimum of 30 minutes, however the exact length is usually agreed after a discussion regarding the distance Kirsty would need to travel, the child’s age, concentration and support needed. GCSE tuition usually lasts around an hour but can be longer during exam periods to allow for detailed focus on preparatory materials and practise papers.

How am I charged and how much does it cost?

The time spent at each session is recorded on a time sheet for each month. The total time for that month is then charged at a rate of £18** per hour. Year 11 maths tuition and exam preparation is charged at a rate of £20** per hour. Usually, feedback time after the session is only charged for should it take longer than 15 minutes. In such circumstances a maximum of 15 minutes is added to the time. Preparation time outside of the sessions is included in the price.

*Currently offered within a 5 mile radius of Fiskerton (LN3). Further destinations will incur an additional travel expense per session.

** Prices correct at the time of publication.